Board of Trustees

The ultimate authority for the administration of the College is vested in the Board of Trustees. The Charter of the College calls for a self-perpetuating board of up to 35 members.

St. Joseph's College Board of Trustees

W. Christian Drewes, Esq., Chair, Kelley Drye and Warren, LLP
Mr. Frank Lourenso, Vice Chair, Chairman of Commercial Banking and Middle Market, Chase
Mrs. Mary M. Lai, Chair, Finance Committee, Treasurer Emerita, Bush Brown Hall, Long Island University
Stephen Hochberg, Esq., Secretary
Ms. Alberta M. Aldinger '70
Ms. Sheila Baird, Kimelman & Baird, LLC
Mr. John R. Bransfield, Jr.
Mr. Peter Boger, President and CEO, Ridgewood Savings Bank
Ms. Mary Butz, Independent Consultant, Edspiration Enterprises LLC
Dr. Jack P. Calareso, President, St. Joseph's College, New York*
Mr. Christopher R. Carroll Esq. ’88, Carroll, McNulty and Kull LLC
Mr. John A. Danzi, Long Island Hotels LLC
Dr. Mary Ellen Freeley ’67, Associate Professor of Education, St. John’s University
Sister Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J., Distinguished Professor of Theology, Fordham University
Daniel J. Keane, Esq.
S. Helen Kearney, C.S.J., President, Sisters of St. Joseph
Mr. Dennis McCarthy, Senior Partner, Asset Management Associates of New York
Sister John Raymond McGann, C.S.J., St. Joseph’s College, New York
Sister Kathleen McKinney, C.S.J., Principal, The Mary Louis Academy
Ms. Margaret Mohan Meegan '69
Mr. Peter M. Meyer, President of NYC Market, TD Bank
Ms. Frances A. Resheske, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Consolidated Edison Company of New York
Mrs. Erminia Rivera, AM&G/Park Ave.
Mr. Peter M. Rogers, President, Edwards and Company
Dr. Paul Peter Romanello, Park East Cardiology Associates, P.C.
Ms. Lisa Rose ’97
Michael E. Ryan, President, The LandTek Group Inc.
William P. Tucker, Esq.

Trustees Emeriti

N. Hilton Rosen, Esq.

*Ex Officio Member
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