Academic Development Committee (Brooklyn)

St. Joseph's College's Academic Devlopment Committee fosters the academic development of each student.


  • to investigate and improve the influence of the general college environment on the student

  • to study the data available from the registrar and the director of admissions

  • to evaluate grading practices

  • to recognize and reward student achievement

  • to refer to the Scholarship Committee, which will review and put the registrar’s report on the semestral index of scholarship students into action

  • to clarify the role of participation in extracurricular activities in awarding of honors; to define extra-curricular activities which come under this heading

  • to recommend to the faculty standards for awarding of honors

  • to vote on student membership in honor societies (dean’s list is reserved to the dean; department honors are reserved to the departments)

  • to advise and guide students whose achievement is not commensurate with their abilities

  • to provide such students with faculty counselors

  • to modify programs where advisable

  • to establish minimum criteria for continued matriculation

  • to recommend to the academic dean the withdrawal or suspension of students who fail to meet the College's minimum standards


  • nine faculty members appointed by the dean from among volunteers

  • academic dean, ex-officio

  • registrar, ex-officio

  • director of career development, wellness and disability services, ex-officio

  • assistant registrar

Chair: elected by the committee
Term: three years for faculty members

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