Assessment Advisory Committee (College-wide)


To facilitate assessment efforts throughout the college, particularly those that affect teaching and learning


  • To advise and assist faculty, administrators, or staff who want to conduct assessment projects or improve their current procedures but need technical assistance to do so (i.e., help in finding or developing appropriate measures, determining how to select and recruit an appropriate sample, setting criteria for expected level of performance, or planning data analyses);

  • To offer workshops to faculty, administrators, and staff on various assessment tools and techniques;

  • To help develop new assessment initiatives at the request of the faculty as a whole (e.g., assessment of specific College goals or revision of the SREIs) and to bring results back to the faculty;

  • To keep a record of which assessment data are gathered by departments, administrative offices, and the Office of Institutional Research, in order to help individuals locate sample measures and existing sources of data;

  • To compile a schedule showing ongoing and planned assessments;

  • To stay current on recommended assessment practices in higher education through readings and attendance at conferences and workshops;

  • To disseminate information about evolving assessment practices and initiate discussion of these topics among faculty;

  • When requested, to present assessment reports to the faculty for discussion;

  • To help build connections between assessment, planning, and program improvement activities;

  • To review the College’s assessment plan, revise it as needed, and submit changes to the full faculty for approval.


  • At least five faculty members selected by the provost from among volunteers to provide (a) expertise in various approaches to assessment and evaluation and (b) broad representation of the various constituencies of the College (Humanities, Science/Math/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Graduate and Professional Studies, and co-curricular support programs) – term of 2 years (renewable)

  • Provost and Deans, ex officio

  • Director of Institutional Research, ex officio

  • Chairperson: Selected yearly by Committee members


Three meetings per semester (closed meetings); agenda set up by chairperson based on suggestions from committee members or from other faculty, administrators, or staff


Approved by committee members at next meeting, then e-mailed to all faculty and archived in Blackboard under Standing Committees


In addition to seeking to improve assessment processes college-wide, the ACC works in collaboration with administrators and with the Planning Committee to help embed appropriate assessments into the strategic plan and other college-wide initiatives.

Assessment resources
Assessment committee membership

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