Department of Fine Arts

St. Joseph’s College’s Department of Fine Arts combines a variety of studio, art history and theory courses with courses that offer travel opportunities. Our proximity to New York City, with its world-renowned museums and galleries, allows faculty and students to explore limitless boundaries of artistic expression gleaned throughout the centuries, from the earliest crude cave paintings to contemporary works. They have the means to explore, imitate, improvise and originate.

Department-sponsored trips to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and South America broaden our students’ perspectives on global art forms. St. Joseph’s active art faculty accompanies students abroad.

Our faculty is artists that exhibit their work in galleries on both campuses, as well as on Long Island and in New York City. Currently, Dawn Lee is showing her paintings and drawings at Adelphi University. Rick Miller (Long Island Campus) and Jane Beckwith (Brooklyn Campus) have exhibited their photographs of Cuba and Italy jointly on each campus. S. Patricia Manning, C.S.J., has compiled more than 90 of her digital photographs into a website, A vital component in the core curriculum, art provides an enriching background for students majoring in any discipline.

Art courses are open to all students on the Brooklyn or Long Island campuses. No prior experience is necessary.

Studio classes are popular and many students take more than one of the courses given in either ceramics, ceramic sculpture, crafts, graphic design, drawing, painting and photography.

One-Stop Enrollment
9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
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