Accelerated Weekend College

Offered at our Long Island Campus, Accelerated Weekend College meets every other weekend. You can earn up to 27 credits in only 24 weekends - but not every weekend.

Accelerated Weekend College helps working adults achieve their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree. This program is designed for adults whose schedules make it difficult for them to attend day or evening classes.

This program allows you to earn up to 27 credits a year by coming to campus every other weekend.

Invest just 24 weekends a year and you can accelerate your progress towards earning a bachelor’s degree in organizational management, computer information systems, community health and human services or health administration. Your prior training and experience will serve as the foundation to build your degree plan on and we provide individualized counseling and a supportive learning environment that enables you to reach your academic and career goals.

Why should I choose Accelerated Weekend College?

If you are an adult student who works and finds it difficult to attend classes in the other time formats, because you commute to your job in New York City, or you have to be home in the evening with your children, then Weekend College offers you a framework that fits well with the suburban Long Island lifestyle. It combines an every-other-weekend class schedule.

Whom do I contact for more information about this program?

If you would like to visit the campus during a regular Weekend College Weekend, or sit in on a Weekend College class, call the Office of Admissions in the School of Professional and Graduate Studies at 631.687.4501, to help you set up a visit. At that time you can also meet with an adviser.

Attention Weekend College Students

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Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For prospective adult undergraduate students.
Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For Adult Undergraduate Programs
One-Stop Enrollment
9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.