Adolescence Education Requirements

As of Fall, 2009, for entrance into the adolescence education program, a student must have a 2.8 college GPA and receive an acceptable grade in a writing sample. Thereafter, a student must maintain a 2.8 GPA, major average and education average. Ordinarily, students enter this program in sophomore year.

Any student entering the program prior to Fall 2009 needs to maintain a 2.7 GPA overall, in his/her major and in education.

e-portfolio information

Starting in Fall 2011, all students in the teacher education programs are required to purchase, create and maintain an e-portfolio using the ChalkandWire system. The assignments required for this teacher education program will be discussed in class. All e-portfoloio rubrics and training guides are available on the portal.

student teacher evaluation

Student Teacher Evaluation form
The Summative Evaluation form for student teaching is completed by the cooperating teachers and College supervisors.



Liberal Arts Colloquium
4/21: Long Island. With Andrew Jacobs, Ph.D.
"Last Chance Romance"
4/25 - 5/10: Long Island. A comedy in two acts.
Pathways to Success Internship and Job Fair
5/1: Long Island. Sponsored by the Office of Career Development.
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