American Studies Requirements

Students pursuing the American studies minor must take 11 courses (33 credits) in history, political science, English literature, sociology, art, music and philosophy. Students also must choose a concentration area in either mass media and popular culture, racial and ethnic diversity or citizenship and community.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Flexibility: Some courses fulfill core requirements, making scheduling easier and giving students some electives.

  • Interest: Students may select one of the three areas of study they find most interesting.

  • Breadth: The interdisciplinary nature of the concentration gives students a breadth of knowledge that serves them well as elementary school teachers.

  • Depth: The progression of courses in the concentration provides the depth of knowledge in social studies and the humanities required to teach effectively in accordance with New York State standards.

  • Certification preparation: The concentration reinforces sets of ideas and concepts that will prove useful in preparing for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST).

  • Graduate studies: The concentration prepares students for graduate work in American studies, a master’s degree program appropriate for teacher.

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