Art Travel Courses

Campus: St. Joseph's College,Brooklyn Campus
Besides the many visits to museums and galleries related to art courses offered at the Brooklyn Campus, in the recent past, the art department sponsored visits to Boston and Washington, D.C. Junior-year honors students also traveled to Italy for an interdisciplinary art and history course.

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
Travel components in the Long Island art department offerings may be either part of an art history or studio course or it may be the entire objective of a course. Art and Architecture in the Western World exposes students to cultural treasures of art in such places as Italy, Greece, Ireland, France, England or the Adriatic. Similarly, art history and some studio courses require students to visit more local and more easily accessible museums and galleries.

Travel Course in Art

ART 103 Art and Architecture in Western Europe

An intensive field trip in which students will study and experience the architecture, sculpture and painting of Europe. Guided tours and lectures on site by St. Joseph’s faculty along with native guides will offer students a complete aesthetic experience. Slide-lecture presentations on campus, given during the spring semester, will precede the trip. A final daily log of travel experience and museum visits will be submitted for evaluation one month after the completion of the tour. Although the tour is given in the summer, this is a spring semester course. 12 hours on campus, tour 10-12 days. May be taken for 2-3 credits. Spring.

One-Stop Enrollment
9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
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9/13: Long Island. Discover the benefits of a St. Joseph's College education.
Feast of San Gennaro
9/17: Long Island. Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Life.
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