Biology Careers

Many exciting career opportunities are available to biology majors in the medical, pharmaceutical and environmental research fields.

Biology students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and the allied health fields are assigned to a Health Professions Committee (HPC) adviser. This adviser serves as a mentor and guides the student in choosing a career that suits his or her interests. 

Biology majors have found great success as

  • animal scientists

  • aquarium and museum workers

  • aquatic biologists

  • bio-engineers

  • bio-technologists

  • botanists

  • chiropractors

  • coastal resources workers

  • coroners

  • dentists

  • environmental engineers

  • environmental health specialists

  • environmental protection workers

  • food science technologists

  • foresters

  • geneticists

  • health officers

  • horticulturists

  • hospital administrators

  • industrial hygienists

  • marine ecologists

  • market research analysts

  • medical laboratory technicians

  • medical librarians

  • meteorologists

  • microbiologists

  • molecular biologists

  • morticians

  • mycologists

  • neurobiologists

  • pharmacists

  • physical therapists

  • physicians

  • public health workers

  • science teachers

  • science writer/illustrators

  • soil conservationists

  • system analysts

  • technical writers

  • toxicologists

  • veterinarians

  • zoologists


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