Health Administration

The B.S. in Health Administration prepares its graduates for a broad range of careers in the health field. This is a partial listing of careers for adults who attain this degree. Some of these careers require parallel preparation in a related clinical field or specialized technical training.

  • assisted living administration

  • clinic administrator

  • clinical data manager*

  • clinical manager*

  • health care and data reporting manager*

  • health information administrator*

  • health marketing specialist

  • HMO or insurance staff

  • home care administrator

  • hospice administrator

  • medical billing administrator*

  • medical equipment sales

  • medical practice manager

  • medical records administrator*

  • nonprofit health-related agency

  • nursing home administrator*

  • pharmaceutical sales

  • provider relations liaison for an insurance company

  • public health department administration

*These careers require additional professional and technical expertise.

Late Night Admissions Hours
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Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For Adult Undergraduate Programs
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