Chemistry Lab Facilities

St. Joseph's College's Department of Physical Sciences hosts a fully computerized, state-of-the-art general/analytical laboratory that allows students to conduct experiments and analyze data using spreadsheet/graphics software.

Small class sizes (average of 10) provide students with one-on-one attention and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using modern analytical equipment commonly found in industrial and medical laboratories. All students become proficient laboratory technicians through course work and apply these skills to carry out an original research project leading to a senior thesis and presentation. Students are also encouraged to gain laboratory and teaching experience through a variety of work-study options. St. Joseph's chemistry program provides students with valuable practical experience in the laboratory that is in demand in the workplace.

techniques taught at St. Joseph’s

  • Experimental design

  • Data analysis

  • Chromatography (gas, column and TLC)

  • Gel filtration

  • UV-visible spectroscopy

  • IR spectroscopy

  • NMR spectroscopy

  • Mass spectroscopy

  • Titrimetric methods of analysis

  • Electroanaltical methods

  • Cyclic voltametry

  • SDS-Page electrophoresis

  • DNA electrophoresis

  • Refractive index measurement

  • Distillation

  • Extraction

  • Calorimetry

  • Sensor-based analytical methods

  • Chemical synthesis

All chemistry students will perform independent research, culminating in their senior thesis. Students are encouraged to gain laboratory and teaching experience through a variety of work-study options.

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