Danzi Center Room Request Form

Important: Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your requested date. A Copy of your flier and/or website is needed 1 week prior to your event. Please fax information to 631.447.3347 or include website link in the note section below.
Event day and date:
Person in charge at time of event:
Email of person in charge at time of event:
Cell phone number of person in charge at time of event:
SJC phone:
Type of event:
Name of Company/SJC Club/Office requesting use:
Club or office requesting use:
Event time (from/to):
Setup day and date:
Setup time (from/to):
Breakdown day & date:
Breakdown time (from/to):
Room requested:
Number of attendees:
Set up equipment/furniture requested (Select Multiple):
I have read and agree to the rules and regulations listed below.:
Additional Info:

If a separate work order is needed for special arrangements (e.g. chair and table layout for the multi-purpose room) please place those forms in Priscilla Castellano’s mailbox in the John A. Danzi Athletic Center or in the Danzi Center mailbox in O'Connor Hall.

John A. Danzi Athletic Center Facility Rules:

You must read and check below that you have read these rules:

  • In case of an emergency, please exit out of back gym doors which lead to the parking lot, or exit through doors located at the end of each corridor.

  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on the St. Joseph’s College premises.

  • No smoking is allowed inside the Danzi Center. You can smoke outside only.

  • Please use the general bathrooms at the back of the north bleachers located to the right of the main doors to the gym.

  • No food or drinks are permitted inside the gymnasium, except plastic water bottles.

  • Absolutely no glass bottles are permitted in the Danzi Center building.

  • No helium balloons are allowed in the Danzi Center.

  • You cannot observe the games in any way from the track. The track is for running only.

  • Absolutely no climbing over the track wall.

  • No hairspray anywhere in the building.

  • Security will enforce these rules. If the rules are no obeyed, you will be escorted out of the John A. Danzi Athletic Center permanently.

Rules for Signs and Fliers

  • Absolutely no signs or fliers are permitted without prior approval.

  • Fliers (after approval) will be delivered to the Danzi Center and will be displayed and posted by the St. Joseph’s College staff.

  • Signs are permitted (after approval) on Sunrise Highway service road. Signs must meet our Standard's Guide requirements.

  • Vendors can hang the road signs two weeks prior and must be removed the day after the event.

Contact the Danzi Center staff at 631.687.1444 for sign and flier approval. The Danzi Center will notify you upon approval or denial.
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