Speech Degree Requirements

Core Courses

Speech 102 is the recommended core course for freshmen and is the prerequisite for all speech courses. Additional 100- and 200-level speech courses, with the exceptions of SPC 112, SPC 115, SPC 212, SPC 220 and SPC 319, may be used to fulfill core requirements.

speech Major

The major requires students to take 33 speech credits where 18 must be above the 100-level. The following courses are required to complete the major: SPC 102, SPC 115 and SPC 218.


Through departmental guidance, students must complete 24 elective credits. For students who plan to pursue a speech-pathology career, the following courses may be required for graduate school admission: SPC 212, SPC 218, SPC 220, SPC 319, SPC 320, SPC 340, SPC 342, SPC 410 and SPC 424.

Bilingual Option

Students may choose to major in speech and minor in Spanish to develop bilingual skill. For the minor, six courses in Spanish are required with the advisement from the Department of Modern Languages; the emphasis should be on grammar, composition and conversation.

Area of Concentration for Child Study Majors

Child study majors, who are using speech as a concentration, must complete 30 speech credits, including SPC 102, SPC 218 and SPC 224. Additional choices should be made with departmental guidance according to the student’s interests, with a maximum of 9 credits at the 100 level. Transfer credit acceptance is of the chair's discretion.

communication studies Minor

The minor consists of 18 credits with no more than 9 in 100-level courses. SPC 102, SPC 115 and SPC 218 are required. Elective courses should be selected with departmental advisement to complement the student’s major field of study. Acceptance of transfer credits is at the discretion of the chair or associate chair.

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