M.S. with a Major in Nursing Degree Requirements

Students must complete the approved program with a minimum of seven semesters and a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. A minimum of 42 credits is required for the clinical nurse specialist in adult gerontology concentration, including 525 clinical hours on a pass basis. A minimum of 37 credits is required for the nursing education concentration, including 100 practicum hours on a pass basis. Students must also obtain at least a grade of B (3.0) on the comprehensive examination. Graduate students must complete the application for graduation form and submit it to the registrar's office in the semester in which the student expects to receive their degree.

Core Degree Requirements


NU 500 Theoretical Bases for Advanced Practice Nursing 4
NU 510 Transition to Advanced Practice Nursing 3
NU 530 Ethics and Public Policy in the Health Care Delivery System 3
NU 531 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Life Span 3
NU 540 Advanced Pharmacology 3
NU 550 Advanced Health Assessment 3
NU 620 Advanced Statistics in Nursing Research 3
NU 660 Advanced Nursing Research 3
Total Credits: 25

Concentration Requirements: Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Gerontology

NU 611 Foundations of the Advanced Practice Nurse: Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist  3
NU 651 Adult-Gerontology  APN I 3
NU 652 Adult-Gerontology CNS Clinical I
 (Practicum of 175 hours)
NU 667 Adult-Gerontology APN II
NU 668 Adult-Gerontology CNS Clinical II
 (Practicum of 175 hours)
NU 671 Adult-Gerontology APN III
 NU 672 Adult-Gerontology CNS Clinical III
(Practicum of 175 hours)
 NU 675 Capstone I
 NU 676 Capstone II
 Total Credits: 17

Nursing Education

NU 630 Foundations of Nursing Education 3
NU 635 Curriculum Development in Nursing Education 3
NU 640 Instructional Strategies and Evaluation in Nursing Education 3
NU 645 Practicum in Nursing Education 3
Total Credits: 12

Clinical nurse specialist in adult gerontology concentration graduates are required to complete 42 credits of didactic and clinical graduate instruction to graduate from the program. Nursing education concentration graduates are required to complete 37 credits of didactic instruction and a nursing education practicum from the program.

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