Child Study Department Requirements

Campus: St. Joseph's College,Brooklyn Campus

  • maintain a B- (2.8) average in child study coursework

  • maintain a B- (2.8) or higher college cumulative average

  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills

  • demonstrate professional teaching qualities to faculty and school personnel

  • receive a passing speech evaluation score

  • submit a formal request to student teach 

  • take the Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST) at least once before taking CS 301 and the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W) at least once before student teaching

The department recommends the following timeline for taking these New York State Certification Exams:

  • LAST: Second semester of sophomore year

  • ATS-W: Second semester of junior year

  • Multi-Subject CST: Immediately after passing ATS-W

  • Students with Disabilities CST: Immediately after passing Multi-Subject CST (during senior year)

Non-Certification Requirements

Students seeking the B.A. in Child Study but do not seek New York State certification may elect the degree plan, which requires 30 credits in child study, all of the non-child study coursework, but no student teaching.

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

The Long Island Campus Department of Child Study requires that students have a 2.8 GPA to enter the program and maintain a 2.8 throughout the curriculum. The department also requires the following:

  • demonstrate effective oral and written skills

  • demonstrate to faculty and school personnel the professional qualities necessary for teaching

  • submit a formal request for admission to student teaching (Student Teaching Application Packet) that includes a personal data form, speech evaluation, writing sample, photo and two child study faculty evaluations

Students are encouraged to begin assembling a personal portfolio that will be helpful when building an interview portfolio, which must be completed before graduation.

Students who wish to teach and who meet the academic and professional requirements of the department may elect a certification plan. Completion of this more intensive program qualifies for initial certification in four areas: early childhood (birth–second grade), childhood (first–sixth grades), students with disabilities: early childhood (birth–second grade) and students with disabilities: childhood (first–sixth grades).

Child study majors seeking initial certification in those areas in New York State are required to have 47 credits in child study, including student teaching. Students also must take Speech 224 (Children’s Literature and Oral Expression) and must maintain a 2.8 overall and major average.

Students must pass the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations:

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST)

  • Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W)

  • Content Specialty Tests (CSTs)

    Multi-Subject CST (for Early Childhood and Childhood)

    Students with Disabilities CST (for Early Childhood and Childhood)

Non-Certification Requirements

Students wishing to obtain the B.A. in Child Study but do not seek New York State Certification may elect the non-certification plan, which requires 30 credits in child study, all of the non-child study coursework but no student teaching.

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