Environmental Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in environmental studies provides students with an opportunity to explore the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability from the perspectives offered by course work in natural sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, humanities and business. As an outcome of this exploration, students will recognize and address environmental issues in the personal, civic and professional areas of their lives.

 Required Courses

 BIO 118 Environmental Biology*

 CHE 135 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry**

 PHI 362 Environmental Ethics

*BIO 200 - General Ecology satisfies this requirement for biology majors.
**CHE 150 - General Chemistry I and CHE 151 - General Chemistry II satisfy this requirement.

Elective Courses

BIO 279 Local Field Ecology (students may take either BIO 279 or 280, but not both)
BIO 280 Field Course in Ecology (students may take either BIO 279 or 280, but not both)
BUS 261 Business and the Environment
CHE 420 Environmental Chemistry
ENG 265 Literature and the Environment
POL 315 Human Rights and Global Environmental Politics
RS 205  Religion and Ecology
SCI 165 Energy and the Environment
SOC 245 Community and the Built Environment

Departmental internships in appropriate areas.

Note: Science majors who satisfy BIO 118 and/or CHE 135 through these substitute courses would be required to take one of the following: BIO 279, BIO 280 or CHE 420.

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