Graduate Tuition and Fees Policy

Student Expenses

To assist you in your financial planning, the Office of the Bursar has provided the following table of estimated costs at St. Joseph’s College. All costs are subject to change.

Statement of Costs for 2009-2009 Graduate Program

A remittance of $25 is payable when the application for admission is filed. The application fee is a service fee and is in no case returnable. Neither a transcript nor a diploma will be issued until all financial obligations are settled. The College reserves the right to alter tuition charges and fees when such changes are necessary. Charges billed by the College are outlined above. All costs are subject to change. Students should plan for expenditures associated with books, travel, personal items and living expenses.

General Financial Aid Information

As increasing numbers of students seek the quality education and personalized curriculum offered by private colleges and universities, many such students and their families find it necessary to receive supplemental income to help finance this goal. Students should be sure to consult the Financial Aid Office for more complete information concerning financial aid programs, policies and requirements. Financial aid applications are available in the Office of Financial Aid or online. Download the appropriate Financial Aid forms from this section.

Application Instructions for Financial Aid

Students matriculated in the graduate programs may apply for financial aid. To be considered for financial aid the student should follow these procedures each year.

  1. Complete the U.S. Department of Education Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) designating St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY as recipient (USDE CODE 002825) - or - St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue, NY as recipient (USDE CODE E00505).

  2. Complete the SJC Financial Aid Application.

  3. Verify student/spouse incomes by providing signed copies of federal/state returns to the Office of Financial Aid.

  4. Complete any other verification requirements as required.

  5. Priority for certain financial aid programs will be given to students who adhere to recommended filing dates:

    • fall entering students - March 15

    • spring entering students - November 1

    • continuing students - April 30

Graduate Degree Program Tuition and Fees

The Tuition and Fees Policy is now available online and encompasses both campuses from the Office of the Bursar.

Late Night Admissions Hours
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Late Night Admissions Hours
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