M.A. in Mathematics Courses

EDU 515 Educational Assessment

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course provides an overview of strategies for assessing student performance including the use of selected-response items and various performance-based techniques. Students will learn and incorporate strategies used to assess literacy in the content area in a secondary school classroom. The impact of multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, and learning styles on assessment processes will be investigated. Topics such as standardized testing, New York State assessments, portfolios and electronic portfolios will be discussed.

EDU 525 Perspectives in Teaching Students with Exceptionalities

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course will provide a comprehensive and profound understanding of the teaching of adolescents who use special education services. The responsibilities of the teacher, student, parents/guardians and obligations of the school district will be examined. The course will consist of classroom instruction, group activities and observations.

MAT 505 Integrating Technology in Mathematics Education

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course focuses on various forms of technology that can be used to enhance the teaching and understanding of mathematics at the secondary level. Students will develop a knowledge of software applications and technology to explore mathematics and to improve student outcomes. Simulation software, Microsoft Office applications, Visual Basic, Java applets, graphing calculators, the Internet and other technologies will be explored.

MAT 510 Exploring the Common Core 

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course is designed to provide prospective high school educators with a deeper look at the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics. The course will examine the reasons the CCSS were developed, how these standards alter the way educators approach student learning, and what changes need to be made to begin implementing the standards in both everyday lessons and in new assessment techniques. Students will also develop lessons and become familiar with online resources from engageny.org. This course will reflect the most recent changes to the high school mathematics curriculum.

MAT 520 Current Issues in Mathematics Education

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course serves as an introduction to current trends in mathematical education research as well as an introduction to New York State and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. Students will learn how to read and understand journal articles and how to give presentations.

MAT 620 Masters Project

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

Students will choose an area of interest in mathematics education and research current journal articles about this topic. Students will then work with an advisor to develop a thesis paper. From this paper, students will write a journal article. All of the students’ articles will be put together to form a class journal. Students will also present their research to the class.

MAT 546 Probability and Statistical Inference

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course emphasizes the NCTM standards for probability and statistics as outlined in its Principles and Standards: to formulate questions that can be addressed with data, and to collect, organize, and display relevant data in order to answer these questions; to select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data; to develop and evaluate inferences and predictions based on that data; and to understand and apply the foundational concepts of probability and statistics. Topics include probability models, random variables, univariate and multivariate distributions, mathematical expectation, the moment-generating function, sampling distribution theory, estimation, statistical hypotheses, and the theory of statistical inference.

MAT 552 Number Theory

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course covers topics such as prime and composite numbers, algorithms, number theoretic functions, Diophantine Equations, congruences: linear and higher degree. Euler-Fermat Theorem, quadratic residues, continued fractions, Gaussian integers, and algebraic number theory.

MAT 554 Abstract Algebra

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course will cover topics in abstract algebra such as groups, rings, and fields from an advanced perspective, with attention to applications in the real world. Topics include isomorphisms, Lagrange’s Theory, cosets, normal subgroups, and homomorphisms. Applications such as public key cryptography will be discussed. A project will be completed on an appropriate topic of the student’s choice.

MAT 562 Modern Geometry

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
This course provides students with an opportunity to examine and explore, at an advanced level, a variety of geometries, including Euclidean, non-Euclidean, transformation, fractal, and projective geometries through active participation in a laboratory environment. The impact of the Parallel Postulate on the historical development of Modern Geometry provides the starting point for studying various topics, including constructions, spatial relations, formal geometric proof, the Poincaré model of hyperbolic space, polygons in hyperbolic space, isometries, composition and analysis of transformations, fractal dimension, the Mandelbrot set, applications of the cross ratio, matrix methods for perspective transformations, and applications of geometry in the real world.

MAT 564 Real Analysis

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
This course is a rigorous approach to fundamental concepts in Real Analysis. Emphasis is placed on careful reasoning and proofs. Topics include compactness and completeness, continuous mapping, uniform convergence, differentiability and the basics of Lebesgue Integration Theory.

MAT 566 Special Topics in Mathematics

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus

This course offers graduate level study of a topic. Topics may include Graph Theory, Regression, Combinatorics, or Linear Algebra. Offered when there is sufficient demand.

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