Journalism and New Media Studies

The major in journalism and new media studies is being offered on both the Brooklyn and Long Island campuses starting in the fall semester of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Despite the many changes in the media world over the past decade, journalism remains one of the most popular majors at colleges and universities. While it can lead directly to careers in media, marketing or public relations - to name a few - a journalism major also connects students to their surroundings, and enables them to apply the knowledge and skills they are acquiring in their college coursework to contemporary problems. Since journalism classes almost always require students to explore the world outside the classroom in order to perform research and report stories, such coursework can also become a form of civic engagement, connecting college students to the nearby community and their own local neighborhoods.

From both a pedagogical and practical perspective, the College's program combines the following: the fundamentals of journalism; an understanding of civic engagement; and first-hand experience in the media business. Ideally, students in the program will graduate with first-rate written and oral skills, fluency in the latest multimedia applications and knowledge of how the business works. Incorporating a civic engagement dimension into their studies also will enable students to become familiar with how change happens in the city. In addition to the media sector, students will thus be prepared for graduate work and/or careers in public policy and nonprofit communications.


Tier 1
ENG 108 Introduction to Journalism
JNM 200 History of Media in the U.S.
COM 205 Digital Media I: Web

Tier 2
ENG 125 Introduction to Magazine Writing
HIS 276 History of New York City
JNM 210 Digital Media II: Documentary Video

Tier 3
JNM 300 Reporting New York City

Electives (choose one):
JNM 320 Reporting Arts and Culture
JNM 330 Introduction to Business Reporting
JNM 310 New Media Workshop

Tier 4
JNM 340 The Business of Media
JNM 410 Web Design Workshop
JNM 411 Senior Project
JNM 435 Internship


One-Stop Enrollment
8/21: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
Adult Undergraduate Information Session
8/23: Brooklyn. Interested in returning to college?
Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For prospective adult undergraduate students.
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