Long Island Campus Honors Program

The Long Island Campus of St. Joseph’s College offers eligible students the opportunity to participate in a three-semester honors program as part of their bachelor’s degree. The program provides an enriched and rigorous academic experience, meeting the special needs of those students who have  demonstrated extraordinary academic accomplishment and ability and who are committed to achieving their full potential.

St. Joseph’s College recognizes that some students have additional needs due to their superior achievements and intense desire for knowledge. The honors program offers these gifted academic students a community within our larger community. While these students do share some common classes within the honors program, they also take courses outside the program based on their personal choices each semester. This offers them the perfect balance of academic challenge, community and flexibility to explore new areas and meet new people.

A learning community of scholars

Students selected to participate in the honors program form a learning community, taking  several courses towards their core requirements that will provide an interdisciplinary perspective. Faculty teaching in the program collaborate as members of the learning community and seek and implement ways to challenge students in their intellectual  development.

Honors program courses are taken in the first year, followed by a capstone course (LA 201, 1 credit) in the third semester, the fall of their sophomore year. In the spring of their sophomore year, participants will travel with their honors cohorts and some faculty as they broaden their understanding of the world from academics to cultural adventuring.  

The first honors group visited Washington, D.C., visiting Congress, the White House and the museums and historical buildings, including George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon. Our second group of honors students went to Ireland in spring 2008 as their capstone travel experience.

Successful completion of the program is noted on the student’s transcript, and becomes part of the student’s permanent academic record.

Engagement beyond the classroom

In addition to the travel component, honors students engage in other activities, guest lecturers and local visits which complement course content and provide students an enriched academic and social experience that foster personal and intellectual development.

Admissions requirements

To be considered for the program, a student must have:

  • gained acceptance for admission to St. Joseph’s College*

  • achieved a minimum 1200 SAT score (calculating the verbal and mathematics portion; the writing score will be noted as supplemental) or ACT score of 26

  • earned a 90 high school grade point average or higher

  • demonstrated above-average verbal and written communication skills

  • indicated an interest in the honors program

*Admission to this program is determined by committee review and in no way affects general admission status or financial aid.

Eligible students who have a been admitted to the College are sent a letter from the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, inviting them to apply. A one-page application is included and we urge interested students to return the application and a brief statement of interest as soon as they can. 

Once admitted to the program, the students will receive notification from the dean and are invited to contact Honors Program Committee Chair Wendy Turgeon with questions and for further information.

Three-Semester Course Sequence

Freshmen join together as a community of learners for a three-semester sequence of courses designed especially for the honors program for a total of 16 credits. Sample courses include:

1. Freshman Seminar (required of all new freshmen)
2. Invitation to Philosophy (philosophy)
3. Art and Communication (fine arts)
4. Rainbow of Voices (English)
5. State and Local Government (political science)
6. Interdisciplinary courses such as Globalization of Food and The Ancient World
7. Capstone Seminar is a 1-credit flexible course that is built around the anticipated travel destination

Travel Venues

During the spring semester of sophomore year, students travel to a destination as part of experiential learning. Recent destinations include Paris, Ireland, Prague and Krakow. The fall capstone course (LA 201) focuses on the history and culture of the city/country of the trip destination. See our student-produced slide show of the 2012 honors trip to Krakow and Prague in the right column of this page. 

Current Committee Members and program faculty

  • Mark Hessler, Department of History

  • S. Loretta McGrann, provost and Department of English

  • Ralph Nofi, Department of Accounting and Business Administration

  • Judith Phagan, Department of English

  • Wendy Turgeon, Department of Philosophy

  • Marie Fitzgerald, Department of History

  • James Blakeley, Department of History


Debra Walling
Associate Director of Admissions
155 West Roe Boulevard
Patchogue, NY 11772

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