About the Program

What are the admission requirements for this Master’s degree?

All applicants must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education with an 3.0 undergraduate grade-point average. In addition, applicants typically will be required to be employed in a full-time position and will have substantial work experience involving supervision, program development, specialized training, considerable responsibility and/or independent judgment.

Who would benefit from pursuing this Master’s degree?

Prospective students who work in the field of human services, whether in a government agency or in a not-for-profit private agency, benefit from this degree, if they are seeking to develop specialized management skills relevant to the field of human services. Because there is an expected turnover in management positions in this field, due to a retiring baby boom generation of leaders, there is a need for sufficiently prepared new managers to take over. This degree addresses those skills most relevant to successful management and leadership in human services.

Does it prepare students seeking to become social workers or counselors?

No, it does not. Both of those professions require specialized clinical skills not addressed in this sequence of courses. However, there are many social workers and counselors who might be interested in this degree as a complement to their clinical skills.

What are the job opportunities in this field?

There are extensive job opportunities in this field, mostly in the nonprofit and public sectors. Students pursuing this degree are enhancing their credentials for the human services field and strengthening their potential for advancement along a managerial track. The field of human services generally addresses child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, family welfare, advocacy, community organizing and aging. Career opportunities in these areas are ongoing and some areas, like aging, are predicted to substantially increase due to population growth.

How long will it take to earn this degree?

Typically it will take a student five semesters to complete this degree, however, there is flexibility to take summer sessions as well. There are 30 credits across ten courses in this degree program.

What is the tuition?

Graduate tuition for the 2009 academic year is $625 per credit.

What is the Graduate Studies Alumni Tuition Grant?

Students who earned their bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College and who are admitted to a Graduate Management Studies program may be eligible for the Graduate Management Studies alumni tuition grant. Students may be eligible to receive a 3- or 6-credit tuition grant.

What is the SJC Alumni Graduate Academic Excellence Award?

Students who earned their bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College with a final cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and who are admitted to a graduate management studies degree program, are eligible for the one-credit SJC Alumni Graduate Academic Excellence Award.

When will the courses typically be offered?

Most courses will be offered on Saturdays, in two different time slots, with some available during the week in evening slots.

What is required for the application?

Prospective students must file the graduate application, a $25 application fee, official transcripts from all collegiate institutions, two completed letters of recommendation/reference, a current résumé and a verification of employment form and letter.

When can a student begin this program?

Once accepted, students can begin this program in the fall, spring or summer sessions.

What should be the first course taken?

All entering students must begin with HSL 500 – Learning to Lead in Mission Driven Environments.

Can undergraduate SJC students begin taking the graduate courses, while they are undergraduates?

Yes, undergraduate SJC students who have been accepted into the M.S. program, may begin taking two of the graduate courses while they are undergraduates. These 3-to-6 credits may be applied to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. This program is called save time/save money.

What is the contact phone number and/or e-mail address for applying to this program?

Call 718.940.5800 for the Brooklyn Campus or e-mail msmbab@sjcny.edu, or for the Long Island Campus, call 631.687.4500 or e-mail msmbas@sjcny.edu.

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