Online Executive M.B.A. Program Attributes

Developing Abilities Associated with Superior Managerial Effectiveness

The St. Joseph’s Graduate Management Studies programs were designed around two interrelated concepts: the benefits accrued by focusing on developing specific abilities needed for success in the workplace and the importance of relating theoretical knowledge to the real world.

The Graduate Management Studies programs are rooted in ground-breaking research, innovative scholarly investigation into the key distinctions between superior leaders and average performers in the workplace. Based on this research, our Graduate Management Studies programs address the following:

Goal and Action Management Abilities       
1. Efficiency orientation
2. Planning
3. Initiative
4. Attention to detail
5. Self-control
6. Adaptability

People Management Abilities
7. Empathy
8. Persuasiveness
9. Networking
10. Conflict management
11. Self-confidence
12. Group management
13. Developing others
14. Cultural awareness

Analytic Reasoning Abilities
15. Systems thinking
16. Pattern recognition

Threshold Abilities
17. Using technology
18. Quantitative analysis
19. Written communication
20. Oral communication


Students in the St. Joseph’s Graduate Management Studies Programs will assess data from self-assessment and diagnostic instruments to determine their own strengths regarding the above listed abilities and will create an individualized plan to target those abilities they wish to develop over the course of the degree. Central to this is the self-directed managerial applications component of each course which addresses an appropriate issue/problem/task within an actual organizational environment.

Integrative in purpose, the project will apply the knowledge from the course and will provide for the development of one or more of the managerial-effectiveness abilities. As part of the completed project, students will do a self-assessment of their managerial abilities’ development relative to that course. These project-by-project assessments will form the basis of an on-going managerial abilities assessment that will be evaluated by the students at the end of their programs. In addition, students are required to complete a minimum of two projects as participants in management teams.

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