Career Options

The B.S. in Community Health and Human Services prepares its graduates for a broad range of careers, some which can be obtained with just a bachelor’s degree. Others, however, require additional education. Most employment opportunities in this major exist in not-for-profit or government agencies. The government agencies often require taking a Civil Service test.

  • advocates (mentally ill, aging, HIV/AIDS, child welfare, etc.)

  • case managers

  • community activists

  • community health educators

  • community health nurses

  • counselors

    • alcohol and addictions

    • HIV/AIDS

    • guidance*

    • employment

    • career

    • rehabilitation*

    • mental health*

    • college admissions         

  • Department of Social Services staff

  • elder housing administrators

  • gerontological care managers

  • group home administrators

  • health advocates and ombudsmen

  • homeless shelter administrators

  • hospice administrators and caregivers

  • nursing home admissions coordinator

  • parole officers

  • probation officers

  • senior citizen program directors and staff

  • social work assistant

*Usually requires a master’s degree.

Liberal Arts Colloquium
4/21: Long Island. With Andrew Jacobs, Ph.D.
"Last Chance Romance"
4/25 - 5/10: Long Island. A comedy in two acts.
Pathways to Success Internship and Job Fair
5/1: Long Island. Sponsored by the Office of Career Development.
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