Nursing Degree Requirements

Candidates for the B.S. in Nursing are required to complete two components: a liberal arts and a nursing component. These two components combine for 128 credits. A minimum of 55 credits must be taken at St. Joseph’s College while enrolled in the upper-division nursing program.

Baccalaureate Curriculum Liberal Arts Component
Humanities Credits
* English 3
* Speech 3
Electives 9
GS 402 Critical Thinking for Professionals 3
Total 18
Natural Sciences and Mathematics Credits
* Anatomy and Physiology 6-8
* Chemistry 3
* Microbiology 3-4
BIO 331 Pathophysiology 3
COM 140 Microcomputer Applications I 3
MAT 151 Statistics 3
Total 21-24
Behavioral/Social Sciences Credits
* Psychology 3
* Sociology 3
* Growth and Development 3
PSY 150 Group Dynamics and Communication 3
GS 400 Adults in Transition 3
Electives 6
Total 21
* Lower-division course requirements: Candidates are eligible to apply for admission after completing 24 credits of lower division course requirements at a regionally accredited junior or senior college. CLEP challenge exams are available in selected science and liberal arts courses.

Unrestricted Electives 8-11 Credits.
The Nursing Component

NU 300 Theoretical Bases in Nursing 3
NU 310 Professional Nursing Practice Roles 3
NU 350 Professional Nursing with Individuals 4
NU 400 Professional Nursing with Families 3
NU 410 Professional Nursing with Communities 6
NU 420 Nursing Research 3
NU 430 Nursing Leadership 3
NU 450 Professional Nursing Practicum 6
Total 31

The Department reserves the right to require an additional English writing course(s) at any point in a student’s program if deemed appropriate based on the student’s writing level.

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