Philosophy and Careers

Many students contemplating a major in philosophy may wonder, along with their parents, “What can I do with a degree in philosophy?”

Although certain majors are necessary for specific careers (e.g. accounting, nursing and computer programming), your liberal arts education should prepare you to flourish in a range of professions. After all, today many adults change careers a number of times throughout their professional lives.

Most businesses and graduate programs are looking for individuals with a breadth of knowledge, good writing and communication skills and a keen ability to creatively solve problems. Professional programs in law, medicine and business are particularly interested in philosophy majors as a focus on philosophy connotes a dedication to critical thinking and problem solving.


At St. Joseph’s College, a major in philosophy and religious studies can prepare students to excel in all of these important skills. However, you may still want some guidelines as to where the next step might be. There are many resources on the web with information on philosophical training and non-academic careers.

The American Philosophical Association (APA), the main professional organization for philosophers, has a number of publications which address career options as alternatives to teaching philosophy in college, Philosophy: a Brief Guide for Undergraduates.

More information from the APA for those interested in a non-academic career.

The University of Florida has a section on their website dedicated to exploring the value of an undergraduate degree in philosophy.

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