Recreation and Leisure Studies Survey

Dear Current Recreation and Leisure Studies Students,

As part of our National Recreation and Parks Association Accreditation, it is necessary for us to gather information (anonymous or not) and feedback with respect to the program, curriculum and related issues.  Please take a few moments to respond to the following.  Your anonymous responses are held in strict confidence and are only used to improve our department and its mission.  Thank you.

If you had to give the department an overall rating from one (worst) to ten (best), what would it be:
The department's curriculum and administration functions meet my professional needs: Agree
The recreation/leisure studies faculty are approachable: Agree
Recreation/leisure studies faculty are available: Agree
Please rate the recreation and leisure studies academic advisement by faculty:
Please rate recreation and leisure studies career advisement by faculty:
Overall, the material within the program is easy to understand: Agree
Benefits received from participation in the program are:
If there was something you would change about this program, it/they would be:


Liberal Arts Colloquium
4/21: Long Island. With Andrew Jacobs, Ph.D.
"Last Chance Romance"
4/25 - 5/10: Long Island. A comedy in two acts.
Pathways to Success Internship and Job Fair
5/1: Long Island. Sponsored by the Office of Career Development.
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