SHRM Program Modules and Topics

Module One: Strategic Management

  • the role of human resources in organizations

  • the strategic planning process

  • scanning the external environment

  • organizational structure and internal human resources partners

  • measuring human resources effectiveness

  • ethical issues affecting human resources

  • human resources and the legislative environment

Module Two: Workforce Planning and Employment

  • key legislation affecting employee rights

  • key legislation affecting privacy and consumer protection

  • equal employment opportunity/affirmative action

  • gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace

  • organizational staffing requirements

  • job analysis and documentation

  • recruitment

  • flexible staffing

  • selection

  • employment practices

  • organizational exit

  • employee records management

Module Three: Human Resource Development

  • key legislation

  • human resource development and the organization

  • adult learning and motivation

  • assessment of human resource development needs

  • human resource development program design and development

  • human resource development program implementation

  • evaluating human resource development effectiveness

  • career development

  • developing leaders

  • organizational development initiatives

  • performance management

Module Four: Compensation and Benefits

  • key legislation

  • total compensation and the strategic focus of the organization

  • pay administration

  • compensation systems

  • introduction to benefit programs

  • government-mandated benefits

  • voluntary benefits

  • compensation and benefit programs for international employees

  • evaluating the total compensation system and communicating it to employees

Module Five: Employee and Labor Relations

  • key legislation affecting employee and labor relations

  • employee relations and organizational culture

  • employee involvement strategies

  • positive employee relations

  • work rules in union and non-union environments

  • effective communication of laws, regulations and organizational policies

  • discipline and formal complaint resolution

  • union organizing

  • unfair labor practices

  • collective bargaining

  • strikes and secondary boycotts

  • public–sector labor relations

  • international employee and labor relations

Module Six: Occupational Health, Safety and Security

  • key legislation

  • safety

  • health

  • security

Program Fees

SHRM members: $895

Non–members: $925

The SHRM® Professional Human Resource Management certificate program registration fee includes six workbooks that are based upon the HRCI test specifications and a certificate of completion. Each module includes:

  • In–depth readings to expand your knowledge and reinforce what you already know.

  • Application exercises that ask you to apply the information to on-the-job situations.

  • Periodic progress checks, with approximately 300 printed questions located throughout the course, to continually reinforce your learning, ensure your retention of the reading materials and provide test-taking practice.

  • A glossary of terms to make it easier to review key terms.

  • An index to help locate and review specific topics.

  • A bibliography for further research topics of interest.

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