Autism and Literacy

Presentation title: Revealing the Hidden Literacy Capabilities of Children with Autistic Disorder

Faculty member's name: Katherine L. Granelli

Faculty contact information:

Description of presentation: This presentation is an overview of a study that used miscue analysis to provide a window of insight on the literacy capabilities of children with autistic disorder. The participants are 9 children with autistic disorder functioning in the middle of the autism spectrum (not Asperger’s Syndrome) and includes miscue analysis of 17 readings. The study sets out to reveal information about the language the children are aware of in their social surroundings by examining the types of miscues produced. The schemas and strategies children with autistic disorder use to aid them in transactions with text were also examined. Information about the patterned reading strategies, as well as ! the language children with autistic disorder use, understand and apply to make sense of print are studied and explored. The results of the data tend to challenge what is currently known in this area by indicating new findings about the reading and language capabilities of children with autistic disorder and open new windows of insight into the minds of these children. Alternatives to current pedagogical practices for children with autistic disorder and areas for future research are included. This study presents as a progressive theoretical foundational piece of research that points to new information, understanding and insights about the reading and language capabilities of children with autistic disorder.

Intended audience: Family members of a child with autism, in-service teachers, teachers of children with autism, professionals who work with children with autism.

Hard/software needs: Power Point, laptop, video software.

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