Chemistry Matters

All sciences study the interactions between matter (atoms and molecules). Chemists, in particular, design experiments to discover how and why these interactions occur.

Why study atoms and molecules?

Consider this: A plant growing, a cell dividing, a thought floating through your head and a muscle contraction are just a few examples from the living world (biology) that are essentially molecular events. All of these processes are caused by molecules moving when energy is added. And everything else we see in the non-living world is made up of at least 80 to 90 different types of atoms or elements.

Look at your computer – the screen, the plastic housing, the circuit boards that allow it to operate, CDs, diskettes, the desk where it sits, the floor that holds the table, etc. – are all materials whose properties may be understood by studying chemistry. Indeed, many of the objects we use every day are made from materials invented by chemists. Chemistry is fundamental for understanding the world around us.

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