Training Site for IRB Members

All department representatives, Executive Committee members and faculty supervisors of course-based student research must read and comprehend the ethical principles applicable to research with human subjects contained in the following sources (click on the links below to access each source:

In addition, all individuals noted above must obtain a certificate of completion from the NIH administered online training program for Protecting Human Research Participants (Office of Extramural Research)

After reading these materials and completing the training program, individuals must complete and submit to the IRB chair the Training Declaration and a copy of NIH certificate of completion.  These documents must be on file with the IRB before a department representative or member of the Executive Committee can review any IRB applications; or before a faculty supervisor can obtain automatic exemption for his/her course-based student research projects.

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Pathways to Success Internship and Job Fair
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Breakfast Reception for Graduate Students
5/3: Long Island. Take the time to invest in yourself and in your career.
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