M.F.A. in Creative Writing

Welcome to the M.F.A. in Creative Writing program at the Writer’s Foundry in Brooklyn!

The poet Marie Ponsot once said:  ”The duty of the writer is to the welfare of the work.” 

How wonderful - but also how formidable - this notion of duty. For many of us it can seem so forgotten, so rule-bound, so constricting - not modern or postmodern at all. And yet a writer who knows the rules can also choose to break them. Discernment to comprehend exactly that which is being broken develops a kind of canonical command that can pour honey on the human voice or lend scrape to its roughness. 

For us, the duty of the writer implies character, practice, and in no small dose, the pleasure of artistic freedom! If these ideas intrigue you, we invite you to read on. Please know that we believe the art of literary practice cannot promise one a posing lifestyle - nor a career - but that it is a great calling. 

Intrigued? Again, we welcome you inside to join us!

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