Certificate Program Admissions

St. Joseph’s College offers several certificate programs for students interested in developing skills in a particular area of career interest. Any of the certificate programs can be taken as a supplement to a separate degree or as a way of advancing a professional endeavor.  

All credits for the certificate programs must be taken at St. Joseph’s College. Any exception would require departmental approval. A 2.0 cumulative index is required for each certificate.

Certificate offerings differ on the Long Island and Brooklyn campuses. Each certificate program is registered with the New York State Department of Education.

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Campus: 718.940.4501.
E-mail for more admission information.

Campus: 631.687.5100.
E-mail for more admission information.

One-Stop Enrollment
8/21: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
Adult Undergraduate Information Session
8/23: Brooklyn. Interested in returning to college?
Late Night Admissions Hours
8/27: Brooklyn. For prospective adult undergraduate students.

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