Graduate Education Programs Admissions Information

St. Joseph's College offers several excellent graduate programs for certified teachers interested in advancing their degree and enhancing their careers.

The programs in special education, literacy and cognition, infant/toddler special education and mathematics education offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in areas including technology, research and teaching to multiple learning styles and abilities. Below are the requirements for entry into the master's in education programs at SJC.

  • Applicants to the program should possess teacher certification from an accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA.
  • Two completed letters of recommendation from one academic and one professional source, or two professional sources.
  • A current updated resume which includes chronological dates of employment or student teaching.
  • A copy of your teacher certification (if your certification is pending please submit it to us as soon as it is issued).
  • An official copy of your undergraduate transcripts from any colleges you have attended.
  • A completed writing sample to be scheduled with an admissions representative.
  • An interview with the director of the academic major you are seeking to enroll in.
  • A $25 application fee

Late Night Admissions Hours
8/27: Brooklyn. For prospective adult undergraduate students.
Late Night Admissions Hours
8/27: Brooklyn. For Adult Undergraduate Programs
Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For prospective adult undergraduate students.
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