Résumé Writing

Your resume is an employers’ first impression of you and can be the deciding factor in if you will receive an interview. Employers may look through hundreds of resumes before beginning the interview process, so it is important that your resume conveys the necessary skills and qualities for the position. Ideally, your resume will grab their attention in the first few seconds.

There are four major resume types that are generally used:

  • chronological – highlights all your work experiences, starting from your current or most recent position
  • functional – focuses on your skills and abilities
  • combination – highlights your skills and abilities, along with relevant work history
  • targeted – customized specifically for the position that you are applying

The type of resume you create is generally related to the position that you are applying. Keep in mind, that many people have more than one type of resume and it is tailored to the position(s) that you may choose to apply for. 

What are the parts of a resume? There are specific areas that employers are interested in knowing more information about you:

  • your educational background: where you went to school, what you majored in, honors and activities that you were involved in
  • related work experience: whether it is past jobs related to the position you are applying for, work study or volunteer experience.
  • other work experiences: positions that show other skills that you have acquired over time or positions that show you have been employed by a company for a long period of time
  • skills: knowledge of various computer systems and programs, leadership capabilities, etc. 
  • certifications
  • professional organizations
  • proficiency in a foreign language

If you would like to have your resume reviewed and critiqued you can:

  • make an appointment to have your resume reviewed in person OR
  • submit your resume via e-mail

*Please allow 48 hours to return your resume (longer during weekends and holidays).

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