Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Mace '03

Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Mace ’03
SJC Opens the Door to Life and Love for One Alumnus
by Valerie Esposito

Like many other college students, Daniel Mace ’03 entered St. Joseph’s College unsure of what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Little did he know that his years at SJC would not only introduce him to his future as an educator, but also to the love of his life, Christina Traverson ’06, whom he met during his senior year and married in 2010.

“When I decided to study at St. Joseph’s College, I did not yet plan on becoming a teacher,” Mr. Mace said. “But my years at SJC taught me to keep my options open. I worked as a tutor in the chemistry labs and it was there that I realized I could help people learn. I enjoyed that so much that I decided to make it my career.”

Since earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from SJC’s Brooklyn Campus, Mr. Mace continued his studies and earned a master’s degree in secondary education from CUNY Hunter and is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in administration from Fordham University. In addition, he has been a chemistry teacher and summer school principal at Xavieran High School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, for the past 10 years.

“I enjoy that every day, every lesson and every class are different,” Mr. Mace said. “Each of them can be rewarding and invigorating in their own way.  Most importantly I really love the feeling you get when you finally reach a student.”

Mr. Mace credits SJC and S. Mary Maier, Ph.D., professor of chemistry on SJC’s Brooklyn Campus, for helping to pave his journey to the front of the classroom.

“S. Mary was by far the most influential professor I had at SJC,” Mr. Mace said. “She was very informative in the field of chemistry and used her vast knowledge to work with me whenever I needed help. She truly was a major influence on my decision to become a teacher.”

During his years as a student, Mr. Mace was involved with nearly a dozen clubs and organizations on campus, including Student Government Association, the Science Club and the Student Ambassadors Club. As an alumnus, he remains active as a member of SJC’s Brooklyn Alumni Association Board.

“Nowadays I stay connected to SJC as a dedicated member of the board,” Mr. Mace said. “As a spokesperson for the College, I am able to voice my opinions on ways to improve the College and alumni relations on both campuses.”

As his journey from student to teacher comes full circle, he tries to instill what he has learned in his own students.

“I feel I didn’t do enough when I was in high school, and I wish I did,” Mr. Mace said. “As the coach of Xaverian High School’s bowling team and dramatics stage crew, I always try to push my students to try any activity. There is always something for everyone.”

The same way he encourages his high school students to try as many activities as possible, Mr. Mace offers this advice to SJC students: “Do all you can at SJC because it has so much to offer. It is a wonderful place that can open so many doors for you academically, professionally and socially.”

As an alumnus who found both his passion for teaching and his soulmate at SJC, he certainly would know.

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