Campus Ministry and Outreach Club

Campus Ministry and Outreach Club promotes values of community, compassion, peacemaking and reverence for creation. The club provides opportunities for justice education, service, leadership experiences and spiritual conversations. Through our presence, Campus Ministry and Outreach Club seeks to create an environment of trust so that relationships can be built and understandings can be found between persons of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Club Officers

President: Tyrell Paul
Secretary: Victorial LoBosco
Treasurer: Nicole Wong
Club moderator: S. Susan Wilcox

One-Stop Enrollment
9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
SJC Preview Day for Prospective Students
9/13: Long Island. Discover the benefits of a St. Joseph's College education.
Networking Breakfast
9/25: Long Island. Learn the essentials of networking that could lead to your next opportunity
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