Group Counseling

Group counseling is a special form of therapy in which a small number of people meet together under the guidance of a professionally trained therapist to help themselves and one another. This therapy has been widely used and can be just as effective and sometimes even more effective than individual therapy. It provides a place where you can come together with others and share problems or concerns, to better understand your own situation and to learn from and with others.

A psychotherapy group can be formed to address very specific issues (such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, medical illness, etc.), or more general issues (such as relationship issues). Members in the group are encouraged to express their own problems, feelings, ideas and reactions as freely and honestly as possible. The professional therapist guides the discussion and helps to provide examination of the issues or concerns affecting the individuals and the group.

While it is not unusual to feel uneasy or embarrassed when first joining a group, typically group members will begin to develop feelings of trust in the group and will benefit from experiencing a great deal of relief at the opportunity to talk with others who are experiencing similar problems. In group therapy people are able to share strengths and difficulties, are able to help one another through this sharing process and also stand to learn that they are not alone. Group therapy also allows each member to learn about themselves by observing how they interact with others in the group setting.

A variety of different groups have been offered in the past including:

  • Bereavement Support Group
  • Meditation Group for Anxiety
  • Meditation Group for Women with Eating Issues
  • GLBT Support Group
  • Support Group for Students with Disabilities
  • Support Group for Students with Anxiety
If you are interested in finding out more about group therapy, about what groups are currently available, or if you are interested in getting a new group started please contact the Wellness Center.
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