Gym Use

The Athletic Center of St. Joseph’s College is intended for the enjoyment and wellbeing of all members of the College community. Safety and courtesy are, therefore, of paramount importance. Visitors will be expected to comply with the following rules and regulations, which are designed to insure the safety and enhance the pleasure of all. Those who violate these norms may be barred from further access to the Center. Please note that scheduled activities, intercollegiate athletics and intramurals will take precedence over open recreational use.

Food is prohibited. Basketballs and volleyballs are available at the front desk. Gym bags are to be left in the locker rooms. No drinks are allowed (except for water) in the gym. A second pair of clean sneakers is required. Proper workout attire must be worn at all times. Follow the schedule for open gym and track availability.

Gymnasium Rules

  • The gymnasium contains two regulation basketball courts (94' by 50') and two regulation volleyball courts (30' by 60'). Ordinarily, non-scheduled hours are open recreational periods. Please note that scheduled physical education classes have priority over general use.

  • Spectators are not permitted to walk on the playing surface, but must stay on the perimeter of the court.

  • Intercollegiate athletics, tournaments, exhibitions and/or special College events take priority over open recreational periods. See control desk for schedule.

  • A second pair of sneakers must be worn on the courts. Rubber-soled shoes are NOT acceptable in the main arena; sneakers or aerobic shoes must be worn.

  • Please clean any excess debris off bottom of sneakers before entering.

  • Attire should be appropriate to the activity. No street attire.

  • No gym bags, gum, food or drinks (other than water bottles) are permitted in the gymnasium.

  • Staff may require participants to leave the area if they deem behavior to be dangerous, disruptive or inappropriate.

Basketball Policy

  • Half-court games ONLY are permitted.

  • Open courts operate under the challenge

    system. All challenge games are between 11–15 points.

  • No full court games unless authorized by supervisor on duty.

Contact Information

Need more information about the athletic center? Call 631.687.1448 or e-mail Priscilla Castellano or Kirill Alekseyev.

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