Health Insurance

Health insurance continues to be a subject of intense national interest. Institutionally, we too are concerned that our students have the necessary insurance coverage. At St. Joseph’s College, we value the health and wellness of our students. We understand that physical and mental health problems can seriously hinder their paths to success, not only while pursuing their degrees here, but in all spheres of their lives.


In January 2010, St. Joseph’s College required all full-time students to enroll in or waive out of the College’s health insurance policy. The cost for the fall semester is $420 ($840 annually). The registration/waiver period begins on July 15 and ends September 16 for the fall semester. There is no waive option period for spring semester (unless new or transfer student).

If you already have health insurance coverage under your family plan, review your insurance coverage. It is particularly important that you understand your health insurance coverage. Should you lose coverage, contact Collegiate Insurance Resources prior to its expiration to arrange enrollment in the student insurance plan.


1. Go to
2. Select the “Enroll in” or “Waive” link
3. Fill out the information and print out the confirmation
4. Email confirmation will be received

Who is Eligible?
Any full-time registered student taking 12 credits or more, or a Weekend College student taking 9 credits, is required to have health insurance and will be automatically billed at the end of the waiver period unless the student waives participation. Graduate and part-time students are allowed to enroll online in the health insurance program on a voluntary basis

If waiving the following information is required:
● Student ID No. (found on WebAdvisor)
● Name and policy number of your insurance company
● Primary insured’s name
● The insurance company’s phone number and address for claim submission

Payment Process
Students who did not waive by September 16 or have not gone online to confirm their enrollment will be billed the cost of $420 for the fall semester added to their tuition bill. Please note that $420 will also be added automatically for the spring semester for students not waiving in the fall. Part-time and Weekend College students wishing to enroll will need to go online, enroll and pay premium.

Financial Aid
The cost of medical coverage, when required by the institution, can be added to your student loans. For more information contact the Office of Financial Aid


Student Health Services
O’Connor Hall, Room 306
Phone: 631.687.1259
Fax: 631.447.1734

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