Hispanic Awareness Club

The Hispanic Awareness Club promotes and celebrates Hispanic culture through various activities on and off campus, including those in the community. St. Joseph's has a vibrant Hispanic community and our members come from diverse backgrounds. You do not have to be Hispanic or of Hispanic descent to be in this club, you just have to share a common appreciation for the culture. We welcome all who are interested to find out more about the Hispanic Awareness Club.

Club Officers

President: Stephanie Estevez
Vice president: Frances Delgado
Secretary: Krysta Verdone
Treasurer: Kevin Pruna
Senate representative: Ken Matias

Our goal

The club has taken on a sponsorship to raise money for education in Nicaragua for young children. Our first fundraiser event was Fiesta for a Cause during Hispanic Heritage Month. Future events to raise money will be "Build A Taco" and bake sales. Our goal is to raise money for at least three children to be educated.


Past HAC Event Photos - Click for More


"Last Chance Romance"
4/25 - 5/10: Long Island. A comedy in two acts.
Pathways to Success Internship and Job Fair
5/1: Long Island. Sponsored by the Office of Career Development.
Breakfast Reception for Graduate Students
5/3: Long Island. Take the time to invest in yourself and in your career.
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