Long Island Campus Parking Fines

$25 fine per violation:
  • No parking permit displayed**

  • Improperly displayed or affixed parking permit**

  • Expired parking permit**

  • Parking in fire lanes or yellow hatched areas

  • Parking in front of gates or access roads

  • Parking on grass or dirt areas

  • Failure to comply with lawful direction of security officer

*$35 fine per violation:
  • Student parking in faculty parking lot

  • Unauthorized freshman student on campus

*$50 fine per violation:

  • Parking in handicapped parking area without special permit

*If you fail to register your vehicle(s) with security and a DMV check of your plate becomes necessary a fee of $25 will be applied to your account in addition to the parking violation fine.

**Fine may be waived if vehicle registration and/or parking permit violation is corrected within 10 business days from date of the first summons issued. Beyond this 10 business day period the fine will not be waived - no exceptions.

There will be a $100 fine placed on the account of any student found using another student's parking permit.

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