Off-Campus Resources

In the event of a sports-related injury, St. Joseph's Long Island Campus refers its students to Dr. Stuart Cherney, a board certified orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience.

Dr. Cherney's practice is devoted solely to athletes and their injuries. He has worked extensively with Stony Brook University and is in a number of Suffolk County hospitals as a member of All-Sport Orthopedics in Smithtown.

Dr. Michael Ryder is a board certified family practitioner and provider of our athletic physicals. He is currently a partner of Healthsource Medical Group in Medford and is the assistant medical director of Smithtown Healthcare.

Additionally, St. Joseph's has a network with a variety of other physicians, including general practitioners, several internists, orthodontists, spine specialists and podiatrists (foot and ankle specialists).

We also have an extended network of people who provide sports-injury-related services, including X-rays, MRIs, sports psychological counseling and registered dieticians for advanced nutritional counseling.

The benefits of the system include: Any SJC athlete can be seen by one of these people within one to two days of their injury; the physicians are accustomed to working with athletes and understand the athlete's need and desire to return to activity quickly and most physicians will offer our athletes a discounted rate on the services they render.

By all accounts, our athletes can also see their own physician. This network is merely a service or option we have access to.

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