SJC Jazz Ensemble - B

The Jazz Ensemble is a Brooklyn based music club that performs various styles of music, including jazz, Latin, rock, punk, rockabilly, doo-wop, pop, rhythm and blues, blues, country, classical and funk.  In addition to performances planned throughout the year, the ensemble is featured in a fall and spring concert.  Students who participate are eligible to earn a ½ credit each semester, renewal up to four semesters.
For more information contact the music chairperson Professor Leon Bernardyn at or 718.940.5889 or the jazz ensemble at .

SJC Jazz Ensemble Club Personnel

Executive Board:
Moderator and music chairperson: Professor Leon Bernardyn
President: Richard "Nick" Polo
Vice president: Laura Peters
Treasurer: Katie Brucas
Stage manager: Jackie Collins

Nick Polo, guitar and bass
Brian Mann, guitar
Karl Schuff, guitar
Courtney Marden, vocals
Thomas Agostino, piano and vocals
James Giorgio, saxophone
Anthony Diez, vocals
Bill Musso, drums
Joseph Rotundo, guitar and bass
Band Alumni and Former Members:
Carmine Cammarata, co-founder, bass
John V. Castaldo ’08, director 2004-2008, co-founder, saxophone, vocals
David Christgau, drums
James Ciago '09, co-founder, director 2009, guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Jennifer Ciago ’08, secretary '04-'07, co-founder, piano, vocals
Erin Dorso ’06, alto saxophone and vocals
Patricia Garcia, flute and vocals
Amanda Gavagan, vocals
Michael Madden, guitar
Patrick Mahon ’08, vocals
Heather McDougall, staff
Michael Multari ’08, assistant director 2004-2008, co-founder, bass, guitar, piano
Joseph O’Connor, guitar
Janet Penigian ’08, affairs coordinator 2007-2008, treasurer 2004-2007
Francisco R. Rangel ’08, piano
Joseph Rotondo, guitar
Rocco Riccardi, percussion
Jeff Saparito ’08, tenor saxophone, guitar and vocals
Robert Texter, percussion
Atiba Theophile ’08, vocals
Daniel Velez, vocals
Amanda White ’08, guitar
Khiang Win, alto saxophone
Mark Wilson ’08, staff

Performance dates:


Recent Jazz Ensemble events

Battle of the Bands
Jazz Me All Night Long Spring Concert
Leadership Brunch featuring Matthew Lawless on piano
Dance Club performance
New Student Reception
An Evening with the SJC Jazz Ensemble
Dance Club performance
Wine tasting party with the Alumni Association

Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For prospective adult undergraduate students.
Late Night Admissions Hours
8/28: Brooklyn. For Adult Undergraduate Programs
One-Stop Enrollment
9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.