Secondary Insurance Information

Accidental Injury and Illness Health Insurance

As a full-time, matriculated student of St. Joseph's College, each athlete has access to the College’s Accidental Injury and Illness Health Insurance plan. However, there are some guidelines for using it.

This policy is a secondary plan that covers what the primary (family) insurance doesn't. Therefore, if an athlete incurs any charges for outside medical services, s/he must first submit a claim to his/her insurance company.If all of the charges are not paid, the athlete can then submit a claim to the College’s insurance plan for full payment. The College’s plan will also reimburse the athlete for any out-of-pocket expenses, including deductibles and co-payments.

The procedure for utilizing the school's insurance plan is the following:

  • Report to an ATC for evaluation of the injury. An injury report will be completed.

  • You will be given a medical referral and a claim form.

  • When you are at the physician’s office, you will need to provide your insurance information. They will then file a claim with your insurance company

  • Return the medical referral and claim form to Head Certified Athletic Trainer Lisa Komnik. She will submit the claim to the College’s insurance company

  • Bring any bills you receive and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter you receive from your insurance company to Ms. Komnik. She will also submit these. When we learn what the primary insurance company has paid, they pay the remainder of the usual and customary charges.

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