Event Pictures


Yoga at the Dillon Center

The p.m. 3-year olds grocery store unit hunt for bargains

A building block break from breakfast

Inclusion class making memories from Cats

Child Study Club and activity time. Arts and Crafts and Plastic Grass — oh my!

International potluck dinner

2006 Dillon Child Study Center Holiday Craft Fair

5-year-olds Museum Of Modern Art

Ranger Rick comes to the Dillon Center

Halloween — Dillon-style!

Miss U.S.A. Rachel Smith spends time with the Dillon Center

Lions and cats in hats and books and nooks — (we are at the library after all)

Snakes, toads and other iggly squiggly things

Look Ma! Reading teally is fun.

The kindergartners go to the Hall of Science Museum

Isn't this how Michelangelo got started?

The Dillon kids go to the Met!

Rock star and American Idol contestant Joseph Arthur visits the inclusion class

The inclusion class make volcanoes!

One-Stop Enrollment
9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
SJC Preview Day for Prospective Students
9/13: Long Island. Discover the benefits of a St. Joseph's College education.
Feast of San Gennaro
9/17: Long Island. Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Life.
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