Faculty Interests Council (3-year term)

The Faculty Interests Council advises and assists administration officers in forming and implementing policies that govern faculty interests. The council also represents, informs and makes recommendations to the general faculty.


  • to keep under continuous review the issue of faculty salary and benefits

  • to keep abreast of available fringe benefit programs relating to matters such as retirement, early retirement, health insurance, life insurance, education for dependents, etc.

  • to clarify rights and duties of faculty members in accordance with contractual agreements

  • to formulate, in cooperation with the administration, whatever changes in policy are necessary with reference to the above matters (research data regarding these matters, collected from peer institutions, should be utilized.)

  • to serve as a centralized repository for reports from other committees

  • to serve as a conduit through which other standing committees may bring reports and/or issues to the faculty as a whole


Fifteen members, elected by the total full-time faculty (two campuses, the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, tenured and non-tenured)


and Sciences

and  Sciences

and Graduate Studies

St. Joseph's College,Brooklyn Campus




St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus




Three at-large members

An Executive Committee will include five members elected by the FIC.  (A minimum of two members must be tenured - including the chair.) 


The Executive Committee meets 10 days prior to FIC meeting to set the agenda. The Faculty Interest Council retains the same meeting schedule as the current committee on rank, tenure and faculty interests (four meetings in the fall semester and three meetings during the spring semester).


The chair must be a tenured member of the council elected by the council for a term of two years, with the option of reelection.

Term: three years

Tenured members: St. Joseph's College,Brooklyn Campus
Susan Straut-Collard (2012)
Jill Rehmann (2011)
Raymond D’Angelo, Chair (2010)

Tenured members: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
Jill Gelormino (2012)
Andy Quinn (2011)
Eileen Jahn (2010)

Non-tenured members: St. Joseph's College,Brooklyn Campus
Karen Russo (2012)
Pat Gabel (2011)
Non-tenured members: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
Mary Chance (2011)
Heather Barry (2010)

Professional and Graduate Studies members: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
Barbara Sands (2012)
John Sardelis (2010)
At-large seats
Bill McAllister (2012)
Paul Hawryluk (2011)
Wendy Turgeon (2010)

Executive committee
Raymond D’Angelo, Chair
Susan Straut-Collard
Wendy Turgeon
Jill Gelormino
Mary Chance

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