PI, the Golden Ratio, and the Great Pyramid at Giza

Subject: Mathematics, Archeology and the Liberal Arts

Title: PI, the Golden Ratio and the Great Pyramid at Giza

Faculty member's name: Bill McAllister

Faculty contact information: wmcallister@sjcny.edu

Description of presentation: Mathematicians and archeologists generally agree that at the time the great pyramid at Giza was built, the ancient Egyptians did not have knowledge of the two mathematical constants PI and the Golden Ratio. Yet, they are an integral part of the pyramid’s dimensions. Are the scientists wrong, did aliens help design the structure as some conjecture, or is there some other more plausible explanation?

Intended Audience: This talk can be given to an advanced high school class or to college undergraduates.

Hard/software needs: A PC with PowerPoint software, a projector and a screen.

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