Play and Literacy

Title: Let the Games Begin! Supporting Literacy at a Play-Based Laboratory Preschool

Abstract: This multimedia presentation will focus on the interactions of three-, four-, and five year-olds enrolled in a play-based, laboratory pre-school learning environment. The presenters assert that these children are abundantly prepared to read and write, although formalized literacy instruction is not part of the school’s curriculum. During a 20-minute slide show, this evidence is captured by video and still photographs of play activities that reveal children’s engagement with literacy. In addition, interviews with children, their parents, and their teachers will communicate the importance of play and its! critical role in literacy development.

Audience level: Parents, teachers and early childhood students

Equipment needed: Equipment to display powerpoint and audio for powerpoint

Presenters:Karen Russo and Susan Straut Collard

e-mail: and

Phone: 718.940.5687 and 718.940.5689

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