Perceptions of Adults vs Children in Youth Athletics

Presentation title: Winning Messages? The Child’s Perception of Adult-to-Child Communication in Youth Athletics

Faculty member's name:
Dr. Joe Ross

Faculty contact information: / 845.270.8430

Description of presentation:
What messages do parents and coaches believe that they are SENDING to children in the context of youth athletics? What messages do children report that they are RECEIVING… and how closely do these perceptions match? Of greatest import, what is the impact of such messages on the self-concept and overall well being of the child/athlete? The speaker utilizes interviews with participants, observations of youth leagues, and review of past research in offering a discussion/presentation on this important topic.

Intended audience:
Replete with stories and anecdotes, this topic may be presented in a light yet meaningful manner to a “general” audience of families, players, and coaches (e.g., a CYO breakfast or a Little League dinner). It has also been adapted and delivered to more targeted audiences of youth league coaches and league directors, with specific emphasis on the impact of messages – both intended and unintended – on the well being of the child.

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