Anomalous Healing

Campus: Long Island Campus

Subject: Anomalous Healing

Presentation Title: Lessons from the Lab: Energy Healing Experiments on Cancer

Faculty Members Name : William Bengston

Faculty Contact Information:

Description of Presentation: I have conducted more than a dozen experiments on mice in half a dozen labs, including three medical schools. The data from these experiments indicate reliable full lifespan cures of mice infected with normally fatal cancers. These cures have been replicated by skeptical volunteers using “energy healing” techniques which I helped to develop. Clinically, these same healing techniques have also been applied to selected individuals with positive results. In addition, my research has looked at some correlates to healing, including EEG and fMRI entrainment, and anomalous geomagnetic micro-pulsations in the surrounding space of healing events.

My talk will summarize some of these data, and will offer some thoughts on what “lessons” can be learned from the research. There will be variation in the amount of evidence for each lesson, and I will try to prioritize what can confidently be concluded and what remains as speculation. Confident conclusions will include the simple statement that energy healing can cure cancer under controlled laboratory conditions. Speculation will include such questions as whether healing can be taught. In all cases the “take home” message will be the importance of basic research for the energy healing community.

Intended Audience: Interested lay people; students

Hard/software needs: PowerPoint, projector

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9/4: Long Island. For adult-learner undergraduate programs.
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